Welcome to the AGITG Annual Scientific Meeting 2016!

The AGITG 18th Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) held on 14-16 September 2016 presented local and international leaders practising in the area of gastro-intestinal cancer research and treatment.

An outstanding program was crafted by the Executive Organising Committee and sub-committees. As the AGITG celebrates 25 Years of Excellence and Innovation in Research in 2016 the program focussed on Looking Back & Moving Forward.

To outline just a few highlights from the international guest speakers: Professor Alan Venook (USA) outlined findings regarding the poorer outcomes in cetuximab treated metastatic colorectal cancer for those patients with tumours on the right side; Professor Phil Quirke (UK) addressed the unacceptable differences in surgical resections with a call for increased mentoring; A/Professor Jeff Meyerhardt (USA) discussed the changing attitudes to exercise and quality of life; Professor Edgar Ben-Josef (USA) and Dr Rebecca Wong (Canada) provided insights in to radiotherapy in pancreatic cancer – stereotactic and concurrent chemotherapy approaches;  A/Prof Magnus Nilsson (Sweden) presented on optimal multidisciplinary management of oesophagogastric cancer; and Dr Simron Singh (Canada) spoke about optimising patient care.

Awards for the Best of New Concepts Symposium, Best of Posters, Best Fast Forward Presentation and Outstanding AGITG Site were presented at the Annual Dinner.  The project to be supported by the 2016 AGITG Innovation Fund was also announced. It would be remiss not to mention the celebratory nature of the Annual Dinner with Dr Chris Jackson and myself leading the group through Survivor Australasia.

The AGITG Scientific Meeting is held annually to provide GI cancer researchers and specialists with the opportunity to present their research, and discuss the current challenges and recent innovations with our colleagues in an environment that encourages the exchange of knowledge and expertise.

We invite you to participate next year, save the date and join us in Cairns for the 19th Annual Scientific Meeting from 4-6 October 2017.

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A/Professor Eva Segelov
AGITG 18th Annual Scientific Meeting Convenor